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Escaping Poverty

Poverty is not a choice. It is a cycle. Understanding the cycle and having path finders who have h escaped the cycle of poverty. In this podcast, Dr. Donna Beegle shares her story of marrying at 15 years old, supporting her two children without a high school diploma and at 26 years old learning that she could have another life. She started by getting her GED and made it to her Ph.D. Now she runs an organization that works to break the cycle of poverty. In the podcast, she also explains the different types of poverty and the barriers that keep people trapped.

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Communication Across Barriers https://www.combarriers.com

Stitcher Podcast with Donna Beegle http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/panoply/open-account/e/50787337

One of my favorite podcasts is Open Account with SuChin Pak sponsored by Umpqua Bank. In the podcast world, you can find endless podcasts on world you can find podcasts that tell you what to do with money but it is rare to find one that interview people to find the common experiences with money. In her words, she “searches for answers about why money is so universally thrilling, confusing, powerful, and stressful through personal stories with people that inspire us to think big, and think together, about money— no matter how much, or how little, you have.”

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