Protein For All™ provides resources to help individuals and families who find themselves navigating the legal system while experiencing challenges such as food security, homelessness or high levels of stress. These resources are designed to help optimize brain function during high stake events like going to court, evaluations, visitations and case meetings. We believe that everybody should have the chance to be at their best when it matters the most. 


Learn how choices around food, sleep and exercise impact the optimization of our brains and understand how trauma and hypoglycemia impacts clients' decision making.


A variety of handouts, tip sheets, eBooks and online programs are available to help dependency courts better understand how to optimize brains and bodies. Our target audience includes judges, lawyers, court staff, social workers, guardians ad litem, parents and children.


Dynamic Brains can help establish or strengthen your organization’s Protein for All Program by providing education, program resources, and assistance in developing program sustainability through data-driven systems.